Hum 150 Week 1 Film Paper

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Film Paper
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Film Paper
The movies are a great way to pass some time and escape reality for a couple of hours. People like movies for all sorts of different reasons. Movies usually come out each week on Friday night and on average three to four movies come out a week. That comes out to over two hundred movies a year and that is just mainstream film. One of the decisions people have to make is what movies to watch. The paper will discuss what the writer likes to watch, what he finds enjoyable, and what he does not. There is also the choice to watch in the theater or rent and watch at home. The first choice is more immersive and on a bigger screen while the second choice is less expensive and more intimate. What to Watch

Movies are a very personal preference. There are many different categories of movie and some are very enjoyable to certain people while others are not. The writer of the essay really enjoys action movies, science fiction, and fantasy. For the writer it is the thrill of the escape to a world where events are extra ordinary. The movies allow the writer to escape for those couple of hours and to feel like he is a part of that world. The writer does not enjoy romantic films, history error movies, and the spoof movie genre. There are course exceptions to those rules and the writer has been known to enjoy even some of those types of movies. The writer makes his decision on what to watch be seeing previews and looking up information online about the movie. Enjoyable

What makes a makes a movie enjoyable? For some it is the promise of romance for others it’s a chance to be something they are not, and still others find an alternate reality better than the one they are currently in. For the writer the escape makes the movies enjoyable. The thrill of being at the movie and pretending that he can be in the world, or that he could be beating up the bad guys. Comedy is another factor in...
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