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Editing, Sound, and Music Worksheet

Complete the following worksheet by answering each question as it pertains to the movie you selected in Week One. Each answer must be at least 50 words in length. When complete, submit to your facilitator for review.

1. How does the cinematography positively or negatively affect your opinion of this film?

In the movie, Gone With the Wind, the use of cinematography positively affects my opinion in this film. This film just captures everything right and in detail. The final scene where Scarlett stands on the hill at Tara, her home captures me the greatest. That scene shows how glow of Tara from a distance and it brings out the importance of the land and how much it means to be home.

2. How does the mise-en-scéne affect your perception of the film?

The mise-en-scene positively affects my perception of this film because of its costumes. Costumes played a big part in this film and it plays an important part in the mise-en-scene. Especially Scarlett’s costumes begins it historical dressing from the Civil War and the Reconstruction Period. The costume that particularly astounded me was the beautiful green dress, which was made out of a curtain.

3. How does the use of sound affect your perception of the film?

The sound of the canons going off as Prissy is sent to get the doctor as Melanie is having a baby and Scarlett not knowing what to do and Prissy yelling as their leaving. It makes the story believable as to something I may do. The sound of the wounded men as their body parts get amputated is also has a very positive affect.

4. How does the use of music affect your perception of the film?

The music in Gone With the Wind positively affects my perception of this film because I believe that the melodramatic melody with the scenes particularly going hand in hand and makes the scenes come alive even during the encore as it...
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