Hum/111 Week 5

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Law, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: October 10, 2011
week 5 hum/111 question

government should legalize drugs. This would eliminate the dangers associated with its underworld existence, such as gangs, criminal activity, risky behavior on the part of users, support for terrorist activities, money laundering, and so on. Meanwhile, some oppose this view and defend the illegality of drugs on the basis that they are harmful to the individual and society. Is this an example of a problem becoming an issue? Explain why or why not. Yes this is a perfect example of a problem becoming a issue. The problem is what drugs is doing to our cities and individuals that use. The issue is whether to legalize it. Would we benefit from making it legal or would it have a worse effect than it does now. It is a problem because it's a issue that many find unacceptable. The problem is the dangers of substance abuse and they are looking for a solution to the problem. It became a issue when individuals are trying to see what viewpoint would be most reasonable to help with the problem. When you ask is drugs the cause and should we change the law it becomes a issue. With the different opinions on making drugs legal it become a huge issues with locals and the government. This is why I consider this a problem that became a issue. *

One of the key controversies in psychology is nature versus nurture. Is this a problem or an issue? Explain. This
When do problems become issues? Can the reverse also happen? Provide support for your answer. Problems become issues when it becomes a dispute. The test gave a example of teen drivers in West Virginia losing their license if they do not go to school. The problem was the dropout rate. The solution take their license away if they dropped out of class. But this brought up dilemmas between students, parents, and the government. It brought in many questions like if it violated students rights. This was a debate with many different opinions. When you many views on a topic it turns...
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