Hum 111 Week 4 Assignment

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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Critical Thinking

Suppose you are a newspaper columnist who will address, in the next editorial blog of your newspaper’s website, the same topic from the article in the Detecting Media Bias assignment.

Write a 150 to 200 word answer to each of the following questions:

How might you use the strategies for applying creativity to problems and issues in addressing this topic? To begin, personally, I would start by trying to improve sales and features, while increasing the revenue income, without needing to lower the price of the product. Drew FitzGerald mentioned (2012). Needham & Co. analyst Richard Kugele likened Dell's transformation strategy to Noah building his ark before the flood--in Dell's case, the deluge of cheap PCs and softer demand is hitting its bottom line. "But what if Noah took too long and only built the Ark on nights and weekends, not wanting to disrupt his daily routine?" he asked in a note to clients. "We are concerned that Dell's transition, while correct in our view, may be moving too slowly to insulate the company if the mobility deluge swamps the industry." With that, I strongly agree with Richard’s point that nothing much simply comes, overnight. I believe a strong start for this company would be to invent a new product, which is trending, or develop a service to enhance the value of the existing merchandise. I feel, with the recent quarter having such poor revenue amendment. To conclude, rivals of the business are increasingly quicker at adapting to the ever-changing trends currently incurring our lives.

How might you use the strategies for promoting curiosity in addressing this topic? Why do you think these strategies might be effective? * In order to intrigue the curiosity of spectators, with the topic of my article, I would compile as many alluring features of the PC, combine them all, and make the audience visualize the product with notable...
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