Hum/111 to Drill or Not to Drill

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  • Published : December 10, 2010
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To Drill 0r Not To Drill 1

To Drill Or Not To Drill
Walter Thieshen
November 21, 2010

To Drill Or Not To Drill 2 We here in The United States Of America have recently witnessed one of the worst oil spills in history but yet all systems are still to go ahead and drill on the off shore of these United States. I wonder where our government and the BP Company are going to start their next project. After the payment of 20 Billion dollars it would seem that President Obama could let this company drill on the white house lawn. I just wonder how Capitol Hill would look with black oil running through the streets as our coast lines are looking these days. I don’t agree with our government permitted this company or any other company to drill with-in the United States for just this reason. We the United States seem to be one of the largest consumers of oil but yet we have not the resources with-in our own country to supply our demand. I feel that history has shown us that we will always find the grass greener on the other side and that’s just where we go for our oil. It seems that throughout these years that some rocket scientist somewhere could have came up with another energy source by now or some other method of transportation at least. Sad to think that the days of the horse is over. Throughout my younger years it has always been expressed that our environment is worth saving and that something has to be done about the emission of gases and toxic’s being pumped into the atsomophere. I guess that millions of gallons of oil pumped into the ocean then upon the shore could have just as much of effect on our economy. In the long run of these sites that are being drilled there are going to be more mishaps as this one...
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