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Together We Stand Letter
May 22, 2011
Tracia Roberts

Axia College University of Phoenix
Together We Stand Letter
I have become increasingly aware of many individuals in our community who have been ill with many of the same symptoms. I work at a local physician’s office and have noticed that over the past several months many from our community with the same symptoms of illness. There are many individuals living in the same community and developing the same symptoms is not a coincidence or a matter of genetics. I also contacted some of the other physicians in the area to determine if any of them have been seeing the same symptoms, and they have reported seeing the same symptoms. The symptoms we have been seeing at the doctor’s office and at the local hospital are: dizziness, low oxygen levels, fatigue, headaches, nausea, and trouble breathing. The symptoms are reportedly worse in the elderly and small children. Becoming suspicious and knowing the community was built recently, I decided to do some research on the symptoms. I have also contacted The Center for Disease Control and asked if there were any reports of an elevated illness report from any other areas around where we live. There is no mention of any cases reported at this time. This has given me reason to believe that there is something in our community causing the elevated levels of illness. Upon further research of the symptoms from the Medical Library and The Center of Disease Control on the Internet, I have come to believe the origin of the illness in our community is caused by a gas leak. Our homes have gas heating and appliances, this has promoted me to believe this to be the source for the rise in illness. The use of natural gas in the homes can cause illness if there is exposure to the gas through improper installation (Center for Disease Control, n.d.). Most of our homes have gas fireplaces along with the heating and appliances, and this could cause higher levels of gas to be...

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