Hum 105 Mythology Essay

Topics: Joseph Campbell, Apache, Claude Lévi-Strauss Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Personal Mythology Essay
HUM105 – World Mythology

Personal Mythology Essay
Many may ask are even wondering what Mythology? Mythology can be the studies of different cultures, stories, traditions are even beliefs that one might have. Each individual and culture has there on myth on life. In many sense myth pertains to different legends that’s passed down from generation to generation. Myth brings me back to different ancient stories with gods and goddess ruled different cultures. We will discuss farther association with the notion of myth, familiar myth and has myth played a part in your life. Everyday we communicate with different cultures. One culture that I have associated with has been the Indians a legend. Indian mythology is a legend which was learned all thru school and still currently in museums and other events. When coming up and learning about the myth of Indians it relate to the culture, gods, and legends. One of the oldest myth from the Indians was established back in the 17th century is Hinduism. One of the stories I can remember was the Hindu God who defeated the dragon/demon and gained the prominence. They began in the years of 300 BC to name different gods which all had meaning such as Agni god of fire and Surya sun of god. Its a few myths that I am familiar with that were learned thru school. One of familiar is the Apache Indians a much known tribe. The Apache was known as one of the most hostile tribes. The Apache tribes are divided up into many groups. At one point the Apache tribe was trying to take over the Arizona and New Mexico but finally surrendered in 1886 and most of the hostile Apache tribe was held in Florida prison. Later many of the Apache tribe was taken to the mountains toward civilization some were found and some remained in the mountains. When dealing with myth and mythology its play a role in many people life and others it doesn’t. Many people were raised as a child different coming up and even your culture might expect...
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