Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard: Pinky Chawla

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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ntroduction: In this essay, I will prove that Pinky is a round character of the novel “Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard” written by Kiran Desai. !1st paragraph: In the beginning of the novel, Pinky is not an important character in the story. The author does not focus on her because she is still too young to be have a main role in the story. That may give the reader a wrong impression: that Pinky will not have a main role in the story. However, as the story goes on, she is evolving into a larger and larger part of the story, interfering more with the protagonist, her brother Sampath, of the story and becoming a larger part of the story. !2nd paragraph: As she becomes an important part of Sampathʼs life, her personality is described in detail. The author uses this technique in order to understand her better. She is described as an ambitious young-woman, very preoccupied of her physical aspect, in conflict with her familys traditional way to see and live their life. Her father is the antagonist of Pinky because while she tries to evolve and to be more modern, he does not allow her to do all that and denies even her simplest request, which is being overdressed whenever she goes out: “He insisted Pinky make all the future trips to the bazaar dressed in simple cotton devoid of gold trims and gaudy flowers, with a face as scrubbed and clean - which meant, of course, as plain and ugly - as it could be” (p. 82). It should be also mentioned that she denies her feelings for a boy that works at an ice-cream shop, worried about the rejection she could face: “For a minute, she thought she might kiss him, but the vein of aggression pounded powerfully within her and she bit him instead” (p. 113) !3rd paragraph: In terms of communication with her family, Pinky, at the moment, is at a point where the interaction with her parents is present but only formal but continuously improving with her brother. She fights most of the time with her father because of their many contrasts on...
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