Hula Hoop

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OWI Our first Lady Michelle Obama does it. So does pop superstar Beyonce. Same goes for actress Zooey Deschanel, and even basketball icon Shaquille O’Neill. I’m talking about hooping, the modern evolution of the hula hoop. THESIS Today, I’m going to share some information about the hula hoop phenomenon. RTL Knowalil: Most of you might know a lil bit about hula hoops from playing with them as a child. This speech will help shed a new light on an old idea by providing you with new information about different uses for hula hoops. Knowalot: Some of you may have used weighted hula hoops in exercise routines. You can learn some valuable new information about the variety of health benefits from hooping, based on what I’ll share with you today. ETHOS Personal: I began hooping a couple years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to weighted hoops. I was never any good at hula hooping as a child, but I found it was much easier to use the weighted hoop. I made my own and began hooping casually out of boredom in my spare time, and quickly started noticing some improvement in my core strength. Borrowed: In addition to my hooping experience, I have read a few articles, and browsed dozens of websites to discover new information about the history and health benefits of hooping. PREVIEW Today, we’ll discuss the history behind the hoop, different hooping practices used today, and I’ll even teach you how to make your very own hoop at home!

Hoops have been used in a variety of ways for centuries.
A. The ancient Greeks were the first to popularize the hoop and many of their documents—including illustrations on pottery—show the hoop in action. Greek children would fashion circles from dried grape vines and swing them around their waists or roll them on the ground. Hooprolling was thought to be a light and beneficial exercise to lose weight and tone muscles. B. Native Amercans used hoops for more than just toys. Eskimos...
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