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A.P. World History
Guided Reading 1
"The Origins of Agriculture to the First River-Valley Civilizations”

1. Culture- the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social,ethnic, or age group 2. foragers -
People that seek food
3. animal domestication-
taming animals who have been accustomed to human control
4. pastoralism-
branch of agriculture that’s concerned with the raising of livestock 5. matrilineal/patrilineal lineages-tracing descent, kinship, or title through the female line. tracing descent, kinship, or title through the male line 6. megaliths-

Structures and complexes of very large stones constructed for ceremonial and religious purposes 7. Civilizations-
A more complex society
8. Babylonian Creation Myth-
9. City-State-
A self-governing state consisting of a city and surrounding territory 10. Lugal-
In the 3rd millennium, Sumerian documents show the emergence of a “lugal” or “big man” what we would call a king 11. Cuneiform-
Earliest form of writing
12. Dynasty-line of hereditary rulers of a county
13. Hammurabi’s Law Code-first written laws in 1600 BCE
14. Scribes-Paid writers
15. Anthropomorphic gods-Sumerian gods embodied by nature.
16. Ziggurat-Religious temples
17. Amulets-Small charms meant to protect the bearer from evil 18. Technology-The tools and processes by which humans manipulate the physical world. 19. Cataract-a sudden rush of water
20. Pharaoh- Central figure in ancient Egyptian state
21. Ma’at-
Egyptian term for the concept for the concept of the universe 22. Pyramid / The Great Pyramid- large triangular stone monument, used in Egypt to bury the king 23. The Old Kingdom / Middle Kingdom / New Kingdom-

24. Hieroglyphics-
A system of writing used by the Egyptians.
25. Rosetta Stone-
An inscription from the 2nd century that gave hieroglyphic and Greek versions the same text 26. Papyrus-
A reed that grows in in the banks of the Nile River used to...

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