1. The Sound of Music (become) a timeless film classic.
2. Laura never (win) a beauty contest.
3. I (listen) to the new Tom Waits CD yet.
4. (you see) any good films recently.
5. The population of India (increase) since 1992.
6. You ever (write) a love letter for Valentine’ Day?
7. You ever (meet) a famous person.
8. We already (see) the film at home.
9. Keren (send) me an email.
10. My boy friend (give) up smoking for 2 months.
11. They (be) at the pet shop.
12. We (do) the shopping for our grandmother.
13. You can have that newspaper. I (finish) with it.
14. There is no more cheese. I (eat) it all, I’m afraid.
15. The bill isn’t right. They (make) a mistake.
16. Don’t you want to see this programme? It (start).
17. It’ll soon get warm in here. I (turn) the heating on.
18. They (pay) money for your mother?
19. Someone (take) my bicycle.
20. Wait for few minutes, please! I (finish) my dinner.
21. You ever (eat) Sushi?
22. She (not/come) here for a long time.
23. I (work) here for three years.
24. You ever (be) to New York?
25. You (not/do) yor project yet, I suppose.
26. I just (see) Andrew and he says he already (do) about half of the plan. 27. I just (decide) to start working next week.
28. He (be) at his computer for seven hours.
29. She (not/have) any fun a long time.
30. My father (not/ play) any sport since last year.
31. I’d better have a shower. I (not/have) one since Thursday. 32. I don’t live with my family now and we (not/see) each other for five years. 33. I just (realize) that there are only four weeks to the end of term. 34. The train drivers (go) on strike and they stopped working at twelve o’clock. 35. How long (you/know) each other?

36. (You/ take) many photographs ?
37. (She/ eat) at the Royal Hotel yet ?
38. He (live) here all his life.
39. She (visit) Hanoi several times this year.
40. He (lose) all his fortune in gambling.
41. It’s the most difficult exam I ever (take).
42. This is the first time I (be) Ha...
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