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Topics: Han Chinese, Hui people, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Are You a Member of Minority?
------The Hui nationality
China has 55 minorities except the Han nationality and each of them is special. They have different languages; I mean native languages, like dialects, different cultures and different customs. Commonly known, the Hui is the most widely distributed of minorities and in my hometown, 80% are Hui people. I know some difference between my family and Hui people. I want to introduce this minority for you to understand the culture difference.

At mid-7th century AD, a large number of Persian and Arab businessmen came to China by the ancient Silk Road on the sea. Then because of the war, the Mongolian army expedition, a large number of people moved to China and they absorbed different ethnic ingredients, formed a union—Hui. The Hui union has native language that is local ethic language like “Booseedan” means “kiss” and they also speak Chinese. They have their own words like حوحو. I don’t know what does this meaning because I’m not a Hui person. It has a strong relationship between their belief and their culture. They believe in Islam so the biggest taboo in this union is do not eat pork. In this history, Islam people think pig is dirty and ugly and animal breeding problems that are against their belief, so they reject eat pork. I remembered news about this taboo; a pork seller went to a Hui village but he didn’t know it and sold pork. Then, the Hui people fight him until he died and moved his body out of their village. I know it is cruel but we need to respect for culture difference. So this is a biggest problem and do not bring anything about pig in front of the Hui people.

According to their age, the Hui people have different way to celebrate it. My neighbor told me, 12 years old is an important age for a girl. At her birthday, her parents will invite 200 friends to prove that she becomes an adult and her parents also need to ask the imam to the Scriptures. After that day, she can decide everything by...
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