Hugo Just Different - Consumer Behaviour and Profile the Market

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Hugo Just Different - Consumer Behaviour and Profile the Market

Part A

Product: Hugo Just Different

In order for a company to understand how they can persuade consumers to buy their product or service, they must first understand the consumers’ personality. This is achieved by conducting consumer research, which is necessary for the company to be able to understand, determine and finally identify consumption patterns and preferences.

This serves as special importance because consumers purchase products to which they can identify with. For example, when purchasing a designer fragrance such as Hugo Just Different, men tend to choose one which is personified by the man they consider themselves to be, or by a man they strive to be.

Therefore, the task at hand is to identify the traits and personality of these consumers, and create a similar “personality” for the product. By successfully carrying out this task, a product will be created that the consumers can identify with. As stated above, consumers tend to purchase a product they identify with. That being said, this will motivate the consumer to purchase their brand label over another.

In order to do this successfully, one needs to ask: what makes up personality? Each person is made up of different genetic traits, but apart from this, personality is largely influenced by social environment, the latter possibly being the stronger factor of the two.

Consumers are well aware of their social self along with their ideal social self. Everyone strives to pertain to a particular social group. For example, one may want to belong to a group of attractive, educated and successful young men. On top of this, maybe a certain individual within this social group strives to become the leader. Hugo Just Different was given a personality, which possesses all these traits, reaching out to those who relate to it and therefore motivates these kinds of individuals to purchase Hugo Just Different over any other high-end fragrance.

Giving Hugo Just Different a strong brand personality strengthens the brand as well as the appeal targeted to the consumer. Our brand personality is associated with excitement, involving concepts such as daring, spirited, imaginative and up-to-date.

When monitoring consumer behaviour, personality traits play a major role in understanding the motives of particular markets. In the case of Hugo Just Different, a campaign which reaches out to attractive, educated and successful young men is key to the brand’s success. Research on individual and social influence is mandatory when assessing product suitability for target audience with the ultimate goal of running a successful and effective campaign. The message we get from the entire campaign is “Dare to be different”. This is the campaign slogan, which meets one of the two human basic needs according to Eric Fromm: the need to be unique, different.

In addition, Jung’s personality types and information processing categorize our target audience among the Intuition/Feeling (NF) segment. These individuals are the innovators, with very high OSL levels (or SSS score). They are venturesome, not dogmatic, inner directed and risk takers. Once more, we can see these traits reflected in the campaign. Another relevant aspect about this particular segment to take into account is the fact that they are highly innovative and attracted to change and novelty, most price insensitive and their decision is strongly influenced by subjective orientation rather than external objectivity. This is especially interesting due to the fact that they are more receptive to our marketing and advertising efforts and therefore we can be more influenced in the buying decision process.

Ad portfolio

Below are three ads, which communicate effectively their brand personality, positioning themselves to appeal different market segments.


Levi’s brand personality transmits rebellion, sensuality and being cool....
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