Hugo Chavez

Topics: Inflation, Venezuela, Human rights Pages: 3 (1332 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Is Venezuela another socialist regimen failure?
Socialist regimens are often criticised for being utopic and stopping economic growth. Hugo Chavez has won his third re-election which means Venezuela will have a socialist regimen at least until 2019 if his health allows him to swear to the constitution once again on January of next year. It is important to analyse the change Venezuela has experienced since Hugo Chavez regime came to power. We find a Venezuela where there is no freedom of expression, and who ever are against the government may not survive the next day. However in a country where the majority is the poor Hugo Chavez has built his strength by giving the poor more political power while taking it away from the major business owners. The economy in Venezuela overall has experienced growth, but inflation has arisen as a major problem, because decisions were made for the short term.

Venezuela has seen several changes under Hugo Chavez government. extreme poverty and unemployment have dramatically decreased and oil exportation growth has permitted Chavez to have enough economic power to continue with his socialist programmes, allowing Venezuela's economy to be reported as positive and to give him more support according to the Happy Index Planet (2012) Venezuela was ranked No. 9, reflecting a good combination of the countries resources, and what people perceive of their life quality. The highest score for Venezuela was the well-being experience with 7.5 points, being No. 2 in the list, which caused controversy when the anti-chavistas and the western media discussed his economics decisions, stating that all he had done was lead Venezuela to a dark era.

In the Human Rights Watch (HRW) report “Tightening the Grip: Concentration and Abuse of Power in Chávez's Venezuela” (2012) Venezuela is presented as a country where there is no freedom of expression and corruption is the only way to make your way to the top. The massive media communication,...
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