Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Human resource management Pages: 11 (3052 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Paper Coordinator / Lecturer
Name:David Williamson
Phone:921 9999 Ex 8448
Office:WH 515
Paper Code and Title: 219213 Advanced Human Resource Management for Hospitality and Tourism Level: 9
Credits: 30
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this paper, successful students should be able to: 1 Articulate and critique fundamental premises and unique elements of management theories. 2 Critically evaluate selected sources from the organisational behaviour and human resource literature. 3 Indentify and critically assess the impact of major contextual factors (societal and organisational) affecting the management of people in international hospitality organisations. 4 Identify, research and critically appraise contemporary international human resource management topics. Paper Requirements

To successfully complete this paper, the following conditions must be met: * Obtain a final minimum mark of 50% overall in the paper; * Submit all assessments. If any assessment is not handed in, a DNC grade will be awarded for the paper. NOTE: As per the General Academic Regulations of AUT University, if you do not submit a completed compulsory component, you may be withdrawn from the paper. Reading

All readings for this paper will be provided online.

Assessment grid
#| Assessment type| Due date| Weighting| Learning outcomes| 1| Open Book Exam – In Class| Tuesday 16 April, Week 7| 35%| 1, 2, 3| 2| Article Resource Pack and Essay Argument| Friday 7 June, Week 12 | 35%| 1, 2,3, 4 | 3| Readings Tests – In Class| 5 Tests, fortnightly from Weeks 2, 4, 6, 9,11, | 30%| 1,2,3|

Student Responsibilities:
Class times and places
These are shown on your personal timetable which is available from the ARION website. AUTonline (also referred to as Blackboard)
Resources are posted online and it is your responsibility to download the appropriate course material and bring this to class. It is highly recommended that you prepare for each class and tutorial by reading the material prior to class. There is learning material available on AUTonline so please use this to enhance your study and assignments. http// Submitting your assignment

Follow the instructions on the assessment details carefully, including information on Due date and time;
Submission instructions; and
Turnitin requirements

It is the student’s responsibility to know what method is required for this paper, detailed in the assessment instructions. No responsibility will be taken by the lecturer or the School of Hospitality and Tourism for assignments left under office doors or handed in to administration offices.

Where to hand in the assignment will be specified under submission instructions.

Unless instructed otherwise by your lecturer, all written assignments are to be submitted to Turnitin. If an assignment is not submitted to Turnitin, it will not be marked and you will receive a DNC (Did Not Complete). Turnitin is software that determines if the work is your own and not someone else’s work. Therefore, you are required to submit an electronic version of your assignment through the link on AUTonline. Instructions for using Turnitin will be provided in class. The submission title for Turnitin must be your STUDENT ID number. You will receive a confirmation of your submission to your email address. Grades

In-course grades will be posted in Grade Centre on AUTonline. Note that grades posted on AUTonline are provisional only. Final results are available on Arion. Refer to the Programme Manual for information on:

Referencing, plagiarism and late assessments
Special consideration for assessments
Extension dates for assignments
Examination Procedures
Reconsideration of Marks
Appeal for Paper results

Weekly schedule – outline of content

Week | Lecture /tutorial| Reading /resources|
Wk 1 (5 March) | Introduction -...
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