Huffman Trucking Gps Tracking System

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Huffman Trucking GPS Tracking System
August 20th, 2011

Huffman Trucking GPS Tracking System
Huffman Trucking has mobile assets that include 800 road tractors, over 2100 trailers, and 260 roll-on/roll-off units. Huffman employees 925 drives and 425 support staff across several states. The lifeblood and backbone of Huffman is the efficient and timely pickup/delivery of goods, and keeping their trucks rolling on the road fully loaded for the outbound/return leg of the trip. GPS Tracking Information System

Huffman recognized several years ago the inefficiencies of manually tracking their vast fleet of trucks, not knowing the exact location of their fleet at any given time, and accurate time of pickup and delivery to the customer. This logistical problem was further compounded by the intensely competitive nature of the business. In order to preserve/grow market share Huffman had to automate, and use innovative technology to track their mobile assets. Huffman choose a GPS based tracking Information system that provided the following business processes and enhanced efficiency to manage their fleet and drivers:

* Accurately predict pick and arrival times
* Reduce driver tardiness and provide faster pickups and deliveries * Better management of employee time and improved scheduling * Reduced costs associated with fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and excessive idle time * Help locate and recover stolen vehicles

* Resolve billing issues
Critical System Functions
* Enterprise Data Services, real-time tracking data flow to in-house applications. Embedded mapping of vehicles on Huffman website so customers can track their orders online. * Enhanced map data by Google Enterprise Maps span most of the U.S. and the world with easy-to-use features and a familiar setup. * Truck tracking system includes cellular and pure satellite. * Location of equipment and trailers are at all times that allows for better...
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