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Huffman Trucking

By | April 2010
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Running head: Huffman Trucking Company

Huffman Trucking Company
Wayne Baylor
University of Phoenix

Huffman Trucking Company is a transportation company which was started in 1936 and has carrier services which travel between factories in the Midwest to ports on the East Coast.
Huffman Trucking employs about 1,400 employees and owns 800 road tractors, 2,100 45 foot trailers and 260 “roll-on/roll-off” units. Hoffman’s major customers are the United States government, automotive parts suppliers, electronic consumers, Raw materials (polymers) manufacturers of plastic products and any customers requiring special accommodations such as wine, computers and munitions. Hoffman Trucking has corporate offices, service centers and hubs in Cleveland, Ohio, Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New Jersey. Hoffman is a leader in the industry of using technology to maximize its efficiencies in providing customer service. They also outsource their information systems support. The company maintains database records of important information, which includes driver information, driver logs, driver moving violations, parts inventory purchases, parts used inventory, parts catalogs, history of parts purchased, history of vendors, vehicle maintenance, tire maintenance, maintenance descriptions, vehicle types, vehicle types, vehicle details and maintenance work orders (“Huffman Trucking,” 2005). All this concludes that the Huffman Trucking Company’s Maintenance database needs to be updated. A database management system (DBMS) is a set of software programs that controls the organization, storage, management, and retrieval of data in a database ( DBMSs are categorized according to their data structures of types. The DBMS accepts requests for data from an application program and instructs the operating system to transfer the appropriate data. The queries and responses must be submitted and received...

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