Huffman Trucking

Topics: SQL, Database, Unified Modeling Language Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Huffman Service Request
Daniell Jackson
DBM 380
January 30, 2013
Timothy Thacker

Smith Consulting was hired by Huffman Trucking Maintenance to develop entities and attributes in order to develop a truck maintenance database. The B team has been asked to take on this project by taking the completed documentation and creating a database. In order to complete a project of this magnitude, we realize that it is a step by step process. We have to conduct a thorough review of the entities and attributes and ensure that they are aligned in an order that will produce the information that Huffman Trucking needs to track their trucks maintenance. The first assignment of this project is to develop a UML Use Case and Class Diagram for Fleet Truck Maintenance “Unified Modeling Language (UML) provides object-oriented tools to support the tasks associated with the development of information systems. (Coronel, Morris, & Rob, 2012, p.397 ) Detail reviews of the documentation created by Smith Consulting, has lead the B Team to conduct a step by step process. Our first responsibility was to complete Huffman Trucking service request-003: Change Request 2, which was to conduct UML (Unified Modeling Language) documentation. We created a Microsoft Visio diagram of the entities with connections to their attributes, while also selecting a primary key for each. Our assignment is also to create a database using Microsoft Access as our database management system. The requirements for this database have been created by Smith Consulting during their initial interview of the trucking company maintenance personnel. We verified the entities and attributes and connected them together, ensuring that we selected a primary key through each step. Once we have verified that we have all the necessary entities along with their attributes then we will be ready to start working on the database. The items that were used to create the Unified Modeling...
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