Huffman Trucking

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Areas of Strategic Plan: Huffman Trucking
MGT/488 - Strategic Business Management and Planning
December 19, 2011
William Funderburk

The business continuity plan outlines the processes required to ensure the continuance of business during and after a disaster. The idea is not just to be able to continue business uninterrupted. But to also reestablish the full functions of the business as quickly as possible. Huffman Trucking Strategic Outline

Huffman Stakeholders: Everyone affected by the activities of its business. Main Stakeholders: shareholders, management, employee’s, customers, auto parts suppliers, major manufacturers of plastic goods, banks, government, and trade unions, Other Stakeholders: pressure groups, highway drivers, and communities in which Huffman travels and operates their terminals. Mission Statement: "Since 1936 Huffman's professional drivers have been delivering more than just on-time freight. Huffman delivers top quality service, safely and efficiently every mile of the way, to the community of the United States of America." Vision Statement: "Huffman envisions being the first choice of company's of America when they look for transportation of freight. In three years Huffman will be the number one freight carrier of the United States government. Proving longevity and efficiency will always be in high demand." Outline

A. Financial
1. Financial Assumptions: Revenue and Expenses
a. Operation cost
b. Updating hardware and software
c. Find a cost saving method to duplicate records for fleet maintenance and enterprise transportation systems. B. Managerial
1. Develop a business plan to define and meet organizations goals. Create a contingency plan that can be taken in case of emergency or disaster (Myers, 2005). 2. Plan for cost savings for contingency plan (Myers, 2005). C. Economic

`1. “Analyze the potential costs and value the anticipated benefits of a proposed...
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