Huffman Fleet Truck Maintenance Database Specifications

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Huffman Fleet Truck Maintenance

Team A

May, 2009
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1.1 Purpose2
1.2 Scope2
1.3 System Overview1
1.4 Project References1
1.5 Acronyms and Abbreviations1
1.6 Points of Contact2
1.6.1 Information2
1.6.2 Coordination2
1.6.3 Additional Points of Contact2
1.6.4 Data Owners2
2.1 Naming Conventions1
2.2 Database Identification1
2.3 Systems Using the Database1
2.4 Relationship to Other Databases1
2.5 Schema Information1
2.5.1 Description2
2.5.2 Physical Design5
2.6 Data Dictionary5
2.7 Entity-Relationship Diagrams5
2.8 References5



Our project is to create an Entity - Relationship Diagrams for the Fleet Truck Maintenance database. This will allow hub managers and maintenance supervisors the ability to automatically generate uniformed reports using near real time data to assist in compiling with regulatory requirements or decision planning for a fleet of over 800 trailers and 2100 trailers. 1.2Scope

Project Justification:
Huffman Trucking has decided to create one set of standardized and uniformed reports for each of its hubs. This will also give hub managers the ability to automatically generate reports using real time data. Our project is to create an Entity - Relationship Diagrams for the Fleet Truck Maintenance database to assist in the development of the database.

Project Product and Services:
Our product is the creation of entity - relationship diagrams. The preliminary expectation is to have 11 to 12 tables and at least 6 queries available to create the necessary reports. Tables will be compiled using the existing reports from all hub managers. The following reports will be able to be generated:

1.Inventory Tracking Report
2.DOT inspection Report
3.Lube/ Service Intervals Report
4.Fuel Log Report
5.Common Failure Analysis
6.Operating Trend Analysis

Project Deliverables:
Scope Statement
Documented Team Meeting Minutes
Project Charter
Team Contract
Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Gantt Chart
Work Breakdown Structure
Status Report #1 and #2
Communications Management Plan
Status Report Presentations
Topic Presentation - Remote Teamwork
Final Presentation
Lessons Learned
Web Site Evaluation Criteria
Preliminary ER Diagrams
Project Manager's ER Diagrams Evaluation
Final version of Entity - Relationship Diagrams for the Fleet Track Maintenance database
Project Success:

The project will be deemed successful if the project is completed on time, the Final version of the Entity - Relationship Diagrams for the Fleet Track Maintenance database is delivered to Daniel Ratcliff, Vice President of terminal Operations and all six reports will be able to be generated from the database. 1.3System Overview

Huffman Trucking has always been a leader in the industry, and at the forefront of innovative ways to meet their clients' needs. With locations in Los Angles, St. Louis, Cleveland and New Jersey, Huffman strives to stay on top of its game. In order to do this they must continue to improve communications both internally and externally with their workforce and clients.

The creation of the database was solely completed by the resident information technology department. The initial contract requirements were establish a database system to be able to maintain, create and report the assigned trucks maintenance information. This information was not limited to the servicing of the trucks but also incorporated personal data. The Huffman Trucking Fleet Maintenance Database & Fleet Maintenance Reports was also created with minimal training for the...
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