Huey Long

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  • Published : December 1, 2005
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Huey P. Long was a very determined, intelligent man and politician. The attribute that no one can deny in Long was his ambition. From the beginning of his career, he was headed to the top. His brash personality and stubbornness were what some people tended to dislike. He acted as he pleased and never apologized for his actions. His determination was best depicted in the fact that he taught himself law after dropping out of high and was eventually recognized by the Bar Association. Long did a lot for the state of Louisiana during his term as governor and as state senator. His entire term as governor was focused on an extensive program of public works. He greatly succeeded in increasing the living conditions in the overall state of Louisiana. When people needed roads or bridges built in their towns, all they had to do was call him. He made other people's problems into his mission. One of Long's most impressive achievements was the development of a program called "Share Our Wealth". This program, which was better than the current national plan developed by FDR, redistributed the wealth of the state. The extremely wealthy of the state were taxed to support others in the state in ways such as: guaranteed income, free college educations, homestead exemptions, veterans' bonuses, shorter work weeks, and other benefits. He also created minimum salaries and maximum income and property. The problem was that when he decided that he was going to do something there was nothing that could stop him, including minor details such as state laws and statutes. He became known as a political gangster. Nothing was too far when he was trying to get his way. He strong-armed people into doing what he wanted. If they still refused, he went around them. In used his power to influence everything from statutes to referee calls at football games. He was in essence the Louisiana dictator. It is easy to see why public opinion about Long was so greatly varied. He did great things, but he...
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