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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Reading Worksheets

1) What is the setting and point of view?
Huck is telling the story in the 1840’s in the south

2) How did Huck carry out his plan to run away?
He cut a hole in the cabin and faked his murder

3) Where did Huck go after he ran away?
Huck went to an island to keep away from the people searching him.

4) What was the effect of Huck’s “murder” on others? Huck friends and family’s went out looking for him.

5) Identify times from the previous chapters to now (Chapters 1-8) that Huck has felt lonely. He fely lonely on the island because he was used to seeing all the people in town

6) What unlikely friendship begins to develop on Jackson’s Island? Huck befriended a runaway slave

7) How and why did Jim come to be on the island?

He ran away and escaped onto the island in order to hide

8) Describe some of the signs Jim tells Huck about. What do we learn about both characters from this?

Knots keep witches away, and dead snakes where bad luck.

9) Who is Sarah Williams? What does she do?

Sarah is hucks name when he pretends to be a girl, and he gets caught, the lady new he was a boy

10) What time of day did Huck and Jim do their traveling? Why?

They traveled at night because they didn’t want jim to be found

11) Explain Huck’s concept of borrowing. How does this concept show how Huck is struggling with his past and with his present?

His concept of borrowing is stealing, the widow told him its bad to steal but his dad had told him it was necessary so he is torn with what he should do

12) What did Huck find on the steamboat?

He found three robbers/ murderers

13) What finding from the skiff does Huck begin to put to use?

The books he finds he starts to read.

14) What was Huck and Jim’s destination? Why?
Jim and huck where trying to get to a free state, cairo

15) What does Jim tell Huck the trash stands for?

People that make fun of their friends by playing tricks on them

16) What lesson did Huck learn on p. 115?

Huck learned not to make a fool of a friend because it hurts jims feelings

17) How did Jim feel as he neared freedom?

He is excited he is about to get his freedom and to help out his family

18) What were Jim’s plans for freedom?

To get money to buy his family

19) Describe Huck and Jim’s friendship so far.

They are starting to get closer to each other because they are spending so much time together

20) What did the Huck and Jim blame their bad luck on?

The snake skin

21) Joke: Where was Moses when the candle went out?

In the dark

22) What is Huck’s new name when he lives with the Grangerford family?

George jackson

23) What books did “Huck’s new family” have? Why do you think Twain continuously puts such focus on books?

They had bibles

24) What was Emmeline Grangerford’s talents?

Used to create wonderful paintings and poetry about dead people

25) Describe the Grangerford family.

They are good people but they have a dispute with the shepordson Family

26) What was a feud? Who were the families involved in the one Huck found out about and how long had it been occurring?

The shepordsons and grangerford, it started because of a business deal but thay cant really remember either.

27) With whom did Miss Sophie run off? Why was that a problem?

runs away with Harney Shepherdson, it was a problem because of their dipute between families

28) What happened to the Grangerford family?

Buck and his cousin got killed

29) On what river were Huck and Jim traveling?

Mississippi river

30) Whom do Huck and Jim pick up?

They pick up Dauphin and the duke

31) Why do you think Jim trusted the Duke and Dauphin? Do you really think he thought they were from France?

Jim believed him but huck didn’t, he didn’t...
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