Huck Finn Not Racist

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Slavery, Mark Twain Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Sean Woodworth

Mark Twain’s, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is not a racist book because it was written back when the N-word was present in every-day language. Twain constantly used the N-word because it was used in dialect around when it was written. Twain also refers to his not at the beginning of the book to show that his writing is not discriminatory. The portrayal of Jim is based on what twain thought a slave was like.

Mark Twain’s use of dialect throughout the story is only used because that was how the average people spoke in that certain time period in which the book was written. In his dialect he is showing that the use of the N-word during that time period was used in reference to the slaves, people didn’t really care for the black people. He uses the dialect ironically to undermine the ways of the old south, showing that they didn’t even notice if a black was killed, they only cared what happened in their own race. At one point there is a boat that explodes, and in town a woman asks one of the men, “Good gracious! anybody hurt?” and the man replies “No’m”, “Killed a n-----“ this shows the south’s negligibility towards the southern blacks, they didn’t see them as humans. Twain shows this in instances when the King and Duke refer to him, they are just con artists By today’s standards the book is racist because N-word is a derogatory term in modern society, but he uses the term only because that is the term that they used back then. Context

Doesn’t say anything about the slaves being inferior, but rather that they are equal to us Doesn’t condone slavery, they are humans they wanyt the same things as we do, freedom, and a real life. Twain does infact show how the slaves would be treated but he does not agree with what they do, he says nothing to show that he agrees with racism

Twains use of the N-word doesn’t change how Jim is portrayed throughout the story, by the reader.
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