Huck Finn Essay - Really Bad

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mississippi River, Tom Sawyer Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: March 27, 2013
27 February 2013
English 11 CC

Huckleberry Finn is a novel set in the rural south of the United States during a period in history when slavery and racism were part of everyday life. The novel introduces two main characters: Huck Finn, an adventurous but naïve, white boy, and Jim, a runaway slave whom is travelling with Huck down the Mississippi River. Throughout the course of the novel, both characters are faced with their individual internal struggles; Huck in particular is faced with the pressing notion of whether or not he should turn Jim in to his rightful owner and do the “right” thing, or disobey the law and help Jim obtain his freedom. Being nothing more than a foolish and naïve boy, Huck does not know the meaning of true love and friendship, until Jim opens up to him and they begin to bond no longer as white boy and black slave, but as humans. Huck Finn is a character full of vivacity and personality who very much enjoys defying authority, being in nature, and being foolish with his best friend Tom Sawyer. However, once Huck and Jim steal away on a canoe and raft down the Mississippi River, Huck finds that he cannot pull off the same foolish pranks that he did beforehand; he is faced with the challenge of having to grow up. The first of Huck’s attempts at tomfoolery occurs when Huck thinks it would be clever to kill a rattlesnake and put it in Jim’s knapsack. Unbeknownst to Huck, the dead rattlesnake’s mate had crawled inside Jim’s resting area and bit his ankle. Although the prank turned out to be rather harmless, it could have ended in a fatal disaster. Huck says “…I warn’t going to let Jim find out it was all my fault, not if I could help it” (64.) Huck is afraid of Jim finding out it was he who put Jim in this predicament; perhaps his intentions were unconscious, but I think Huck did not want to lose Jim’s respect because they are all one another has. That loss of respect, however, comes soon enough. On the raft in the middle of the...
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