Huck Finn

Topics: Citizen Kane, Low-angle shot, Allusion Pages: 3 (696 words) Published: February 8, 2013
‘Citizen Kane’ scene analysis

* Idea of him being an ordinary citizen
* Using the last name tells us that hes powerful, well know, arrogant, hint to the complexities of the man (not easily defined)

* Tone of voice: sensationalistic, dominant (telling us what the truth is) * Catalogue Kane’s possessions
* Footage: grainy – its not showing the real Kane
* Language: the ‘loot of the world’, ‘100,000 trees’ – hyperbolic language (very wealthy) * Impression he’s famous globally – very important
* Symbol of fences – barriers
* People that buy statues – rich, desire to have lasting fame, immortalised * Low angle shots – show power (or attempts to)
* Linked to Noah and Faro
* Funeral described as biggest and strangest funeral – superlative * Public perception of Kane – represented through newspapers Scene| Plot development – what’s happening?| Characterisation – who is in the scene? How is their character developed?| Thematic concerns – what are the main ideas or themes that are prevalent in this scene?(eg. Human isolation, wealth and materialism American Dream etc, paradoxical nature of man| Context/ Values- what are the attitudes and beliefs in this scene? What contextual references are made?| Techniques employed – focus on cinematic and language/dialogue techniques(eg lap dissolve, mise-en-scene, montage, extended mise-en-scene, deep focus,flashback)| Opening sceneXanadu| * Opening of looking at the gate * No trespassing – preventing us from looking into his life (function as a warning) * Inaccessibility of truth about Kane, going to be hard to locate * Kane dies * | * Kane – has enclosed himself in a prison of his own choice (through the gates) * Trying to revert back to childhood and create an artificial child environment * What’s this tell us about Kane’s life? – its fragmented – as the snow glove breaks – can’t piece the pieces together through stories...
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