Huck Finn

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Nigger, Mark Twain Pages: 5 (1743 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a classical novel that has been considered a masterpiece throughout history, but the book also displays a very controversial side to it. The novel displays power characters and a touching storyline, which helps the story so moving. Consequently, people have hatred towards the novel because they believe the novel portrays racism, but in some cases, others believe it does not. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain conveys the critical meaning that racism is not presented in the novel by using characterization of Jim and Huck, showing the point of view used, and the use of diction in the novel.

In The Adventures of Hucklefinn, Mark Twain created Huck and Jim, probably the most beloved characters in novel history. As Huck and Jim travel down the perpetuous river, Huck has to battle against his own conscience.This idea being that Huck has to face the natural prejudice of his society against African Americans and his own stupidity.The reason why Huck displays the twelve year little boy acts, adventurous and hot headed, is that it helps support Huck’s own personality. Also Huck does display some wit in the story. For example, when Huck is questioned about his raft and who is in there. He quickly responds with the witty comment about that his family had small pox, which gave the guards a apprehensive view. Eventually throughout the story, Huck finds out that Jim shows his mourning feelings toward his family.(Telgen 9) This is supported by the statement, “I do believe he cared just as much for his people as white folks does for their’n. It don’t seem natural, but I reckon it’s so,”(162). The monumental decision that Huck makes the act of helping Jim. He displays this because he believes that African Americans are inferior.

Huck’s ideas and views on convey a humorous but critical point to the novel. Through out the novel which is important, Huck never laughs in the dialect. Something to note, society tries to convert Huck’s values and beliefs towards African Americans. After awhile of contemplation, Huck comes up with the decision of following his true thoughts instead of the persuasion of his society.He does not fully comprehend the judging and order towards slavery. Some critics have mentioned, Huck never fully understands the actuality of racial prejudice throughout the novel, but he seems to find a way to slip around the society’s view. However, Huck is not able to fully comprehend the racial stereotypes towards African American slaves in 1800s (Telgen 9). The one important action Huck does is the showing ignorance towards his father concerning the rants about a black man able to vote instead of him. Twain’s novel shows a true depiction of slavery in the United States in the 1800s.

Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huck Finn with the intention of describing how African Americans were treated and display how society viewed them in the deep south. The novel takes place mostly on the Mississippi River, which plays a major role with the bonding of Jim and Huck. Twain did this intentionally to show the pain and hardship that Jim and Huck experienced, which caused them to become closer. The most critical action that Huck portrayed was the showing ignorance towards the common view against black people. This is a truly hard obstacle to overcome.

Another characterization between Jack and Huck is the dialect used. The dialect varies throughout the story to show the major difference between them. For example, Huck quotes What do dey stan’ for? I’s gwyne to tell you. When I got all wore out wid work, en wid de callin’ for you, en went to sleep, my heart wuz mos’ broke bekase you wuz los, en I didn’ k’yer no mo what become er me en de raf’. En when I wake up en fine you back agin’, all safe en soun’, de tears come en I could a got down on my knees en kiss you’ foot I’s so thankful. En all you wuz thinking ‘bout wuz how you could make a fool uv ole Jim wid a lie. (287) . Huck’s...
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