Hubspot Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Internet marketing, Market research Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Case Study: HubSpot

1.** Do you agree with HubSpot that the "rules of marketing" have changed? If so, how? Is inbound marketing the answer? Why or why not? 1.I do agree with HubSpot that the “rules of marketing” have changed. But I do not think that the position of traditional outbound marketing will be totally replaced by inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a type of marketing strategy through Internet that focuses on getting the qualified custom’ attention and attracting them to find out and learn about what they want and what they need. Companies using inbound marketing strategies relied on market research methods to gain and analyze the information about interests and needs of customers. In contrast, traditional outbound marketing strategies increase a company’s awareness and brand image by all kinds of advertising and promotional activities (such as TV commercials, print advertisements, direct marketing, etc) to find and attract customers. With the coming of the era of Web 2.0, Internet usage becomes more and more common. As a result, inbound marketing contents (like blogs, videos, eBooks, and so on), SEO, and other online marketing and social media platforms will definitely support inbound marketing to become a very important type of marketing strategy. However, I think there will still be some room for outbound marketing in the future since it’s the basement of all kinds of marketing approaches. So I think the mix of inbound and outbound marketing will be the main trend for most companies during the era of Web 2.0.

2.** Is HubSpot finding and serving the right set of customers? Given its position as a start-up company, should it widen its focus to serve any customer that comes its way? Or narrow its target, by focusing exclusively on either Owner Ollies or Marketing Marys? Or by focusing exclusively on either B2B or B2C customers? 2.As a start-up company, in my opinion, HubSpot should narrow its target since they have relatively...
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