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Topics: Bertolt Brecht, Epic theatre, Erwin Piscator Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Commiedia dell arte is a well known as a Italian comedy, this type of drama was highly popular during the 16th century. This act was usually performed on the side of the streets or in court venues. But the better acts and the more popular actors/ actress played in front of the kings and queens. But as most acts were performed on temporary stages on the side of stress the heavy relied on props and different costumes. The obvious objective was to make people laugh, as they had no TV or PlayStation’s back then they needed something to entertain them. The audience was able to pick up from each character’ dress the type of person he was representing. The use a lot of mask, props and always over exaggerate thing to make it funny. Commedia dell arte introduced actresses for the first time ever in theatre history, and that has a pretty big impact on today’s theatre. The most known modern day interpreters of the commedia tradition are the san Francisco mime troupe.

Epic theatre come widely popular around world was one. By the names of Max Reinhardt, Erwin Piscator, and most especiall) Bertolt Brecht. This style of thearte started up in Berlin during the ill-fated German “Weimar Republic” of the 1920s and early 1930s. After the rise of Hitler Brecht and other epic theater practioners were forced to flee persecution and arrest by the Gestapo, the style spread to the United States and Great Britain. Brecht wanted his audience to remain aware of what was really happening, he was very clear on how he wanted the audience to act. The focus of epic drama was to making the drama realistic, making people feel like they can relate to the performance, so they can understand what is happening. He Brecht would love to narrate every character because he believed that if he did so that the audience would relate better to the character and would have a better understanding. Epic theatre has had a massive influence in the western theater as in Britain how they became evident In the...
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