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Geometry , Differential calculus , Mathematical analysis

A. Background of the Study
Life is a never ending story, a fact that no one can change as long as he lives in this world. In his experiences through the past, as he walks in the present and as he journey to his future life, there would be this specific time that an individual would be engaged in situation and he puts himself into a trial that would test the length of his patience, his strength to overcome this, his wisdom for decision making, and at the end a blinding light enlightening him that he has gained something into his advantage out of the terrible situations. The best thing to know is when this person would encounter another problem, he has already figured out his capacity to overcome it in the easiest and most effective way.

According to Dr. Stoltz (2000), the Adversity Quotient® (AQ), is the science of human resilience. AQ® measures one’s ability to prevail in the face of adversity. A person who uses AQ® successfully easily surpasses the big and small challenges that confront us every day. It is also proven that this kind of person does not only mean that they can easily cope up with these situations but it is better said that they can easily respond better and faster. Stoltz said that life is like mountain climbing and that people are born with a core human drive to ascend. Ascending means moving toward one’s purpose no matter what the goals (Stoltz, 2000)

In present times, students in the College Level face this present challenges in school. They have to face the situation where Seat works, Assignments, Quizzes, 2 Midterm Examinations, Final Examinations are taken as a battlefield in a classroom. Student’s AQ® is tested in the battlefield and unfortunate students fail in their achievement in school because they have been stunned and conquered by these beastly situations.

One of the courses students are having hard time to cope up with is mathematics. Students on the average don’t perform...
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