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Topics: Web design, Website, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Christina Alvarez
EM208-1302A-01 Web Development
Instructor/Todd Kato
Phase 2 DB
April 15th 2013

Introduction to phase 2: In this video we are instructed to use a grid format to create our web page. By using a grid format we are allowing the web site more maneuverability of items in different locations within that page. Another important factor is to develop a complete understanding of exactly who we targeting our design to attract. Remember, when designing a web page we must demonstrate the advantages in layouts, grid structures and alignment because all these factors have an enormous influence in our overall designing process. Designing web structure is different than any other type of web design, from my understanding, the little choices we make, the better understanding you have, and you will have a better influence on your design. How to start your web site design: first thing that caught my attention was the narrator’s suggestion of the use and benefits of trying what is called “wire framing”. This basically means we should get a pen and paper and draw out a kind of rough draft or blue print of the basic layout as well as some personal ideas on what should go where and why. Then start planning it out. For example where should my header be located and what information should it display, what type of logo should be used, how should the navigation be positioned for a more user friendly accessibility, and content, where should this be displayed, what is going to work in regards to the layout, navigation and overall general appearance? Phase 2 IP part 1: This video was very informative in showing the class the importance and use of columns and how they are the building blocks for all of our content. The development process is to start with...
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