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Topics: Food, Nutrition, Eating Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Food habits and culture are people’s learned behaviors refer to why and how people eat, with whom they eat, and which foods they eat. Therefore, many people will have many different ways in which they use food. Factors like geography, religion, society, and economy are basic aspects that influence our food habits and culture. Once we understand these factors, we can answer the question: why do you choose one cuisine rather than the others? Geographical Factors

In old days, ancestors cultivated the crops base on local, natural resources, which affected their eating habits greatly. Climate, precipitation, soil quality, and topography are four geographical factors that influence our food habits deeply. First of all, climate affects the crop’s growing season, which is shorter in hot climate and longer in cold climate. When the growing season is shorter, people will have more crop cycles, which means the quantity of food is possibly larger. People tend to have enough food to satisfy their physical needs, and they may have extra food to satisfy higher needs, such as social needs, belongingness, status, and self-realization. Climate also affects the types of foods in different regions. For example, mango can only be planted in hot regions, and cabbage is preferred in cold regions. People usually find out that food in hot regions can be more various than food in cold regions. (Hughes, 2011). Secondly, precipitation affects the major food production. In dry and hot areas like Mexico, hot peppers are well planted. Actually, hot peppers were first found and domesticated in South America thousands years ago. In China, people plant wheat in northern China because the precipitation there is less; people plant rice in southern China because the precipitation there is more. Therefore, northern Chinese people prefer wheat products, such as bread and noodle; and southern Chinese people prefer rice. Corn, for example, is major planted in America, because the crop...
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