Htc Marketing Group Report

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Individual Marketing Plan
HTC Enterprise

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Executive Summary2
Objectives of the Plan3
SWOT Analysis3
Market Analysis5
Market Attractiveness Factors5
Critical Success Factors5
1st Year Expected Results7
Risk Mitigation7

Executive Summary
This marketing plan will outline why HTC should develop a premium HTC phone/service product for businesses. This project will be referred to as ‘HTC Enterprise’. This plan will deliver in year one:

1. 11% of Blackberry Business market share
2. Sales: Sell 250,000 units, £46m profit.
3. Earn £46m through Business Services
4. Make £1m profit in near field commission.
5. Establish HTC credibility as business provider.
This will be done by implementing:
1. New product focused on Large Businesses.
2. A plan to provide an all in one mobile solution for business. 3. A marketing strategy targeting modern Asian economies and modern capitals where technological progress is already engaged in society. 4. A business to business promotional campaign.

It will require investments principally in:
1. Software development to integrate HTC mobiles directly into company financial departments. 2. Advancing customer perceptions in the new possibilities of smartphones. The risk mitigation strategies are:

1. Create partnerships with major networks such as Vodafone and software companies like Microsoft to provide an option to moderate investment risk, limit advertising burden and project HTC directly into established business networks. 2. Provisions will need to be made against inadvertent patent infringements.


The list is long of mobile phone companies who have failed by betting on the wrong idea. Nokia is famous for having dominated for years only to be succeeded by Motorola V3 release. Nokia’s strategy completely lost focus as they tried to cater for all. HTC are now at a similar juncture. For years they have been leaders in innovation and experienced rapid growth. In 2009 HTC offered 10 phones for release (Jackson, 2009), this year HTC offer 30 (HTC, 2011). This marketing plan will outline how and why HTC should develop a premium HTC phone/service product for businesses. This project will be referred to as ‘HTC Enterprise’. Objectives of the Plan

1. Produce a Business Phone Line
2. Diversify HTC Income Streams
3. Create Software to Support HTC Enterprise Strategy
4. Expand HTC’s Customer Base and Increase Market Share SWOT Analysis

HTC have a strong proven R&D Department able to innovate and create solutions. Their eye for details has resulted in a strong ability to create new innovations and clone competitors quickly (Bernstien, 2011). HTC Enterprise would be a project well within the ability of this company. Weaknesses

HTC have high production costs relative to competitors as they maintain integrated development and production. Also the use of Microsoft Mobile OS costs substantially per unit (Harvard Busniness School, 2009) for windows based phones. Competing firms like Nokia are able to produce at 30% less cost (Harvard Busniness School, 2009). HTC historically have not entered the budget market until recently, however, consider the graph below. (Data Appendix 3)

This graph suggests entering the low end market has not been a success for HTC and it is diluting the brand name for quality. HTC Enterprise would limit the effect of this weakness as the business market is significantly closer to (See RIM appendix 4) HTC’s historical niche. Opportunities

Real opportunities exist in Asia’s growing business markets for a...
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