Hsm546 Week 2 Youdecide

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Preferred provider organization Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: February 14, 2013

To: Cooper-Pearson
From: Consultant
Date: January 20, 2013
Subject: Cooper-Pearson case study

Healthcare benefits play a big part in employee satisfaction and retention, though many organizations do not see the importance, according to a recent survey conducted by insurance company MetLife. More than three-quarters of employees who say they have good healthcare benefits also report high job satisfaction, and 71 percent of those workers are loyal to their employers. Conversely, only about one-fourth of staff members who are dissatisfied with their benefits are happy and loyal to their organization. I have been given the task to research different medical insurance plans to assist Cooper-Pearson in selecting an insurance program for their marketing company. My aim is to provide them with enough details to make an informed decision on the different managed care plans. This information will allow them to provide their employees with a compensation package that is both affordable and desirable. Once an attractive compensation plan is in place; we expect the retention rate to improve and the recruitment of quality employees to increase. The primary differences between the HMO plan and the PPO plan is that you are required to have a primary care physician within the primary care network that you are assigned to. You don't have the option of visiting a physician outside of the network. You must have a referral from your physician to see a medical specialist and the specialist must be within the approved network. HMO plans normally cost less than a PPO but you may have a higher co-payment with a HMO plan. The PPO provides more information to the insured concerning cost sharing in or out of the network (Kongstvedt, 2007, p 25). According to (“benefithouse.com”, 2011), an indemnity plan allows you to use a medical provider of your choice to receive medical care. You must pay an annual deductible for the coverage before the insurance repayment takes...
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