Hsm260 Foundations Paper

Topics: Charitable organization, Poverty, Colorado Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: February 18, 2013
There is not one person that would argue that the economy is struggling, and has caused many families to struggle within their everyday expenses. However, Colorado offers many assistance avenues for low-income families, but one that stands out in my mind the most is The Food Bank of the Rockies. The Food Bank of the Rockies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, recognized by the IRS, that helps struggling families everyday. This organization remains active in the community, and is constantly coming up with new promotional opportunities to increase funding, so that they may continue providing decent meals to those in need. Food Bank of the Rockies was founded in 1978 and operated out of a 900 square foot schoolroom and collected food from nearby Safeway stores and distributed it to one agency, which helped low-income families feed their families. Now, their operation extends across Northern Colorado, Wyoming, and the Western Slope. They provide food supplies to more than 1100 hunger-relief programs, and have provided more than 336 million meals to families in need. What makes the Food Bank of the Rockies so special in my mind is how their concern focuses on the children. “In the area served by FBR nearly 400,000 people live in poverty and struggle to meet their basic food needs; almost half of them are children. Hunger is especially hard on children, who make up 42% of our clients and must have proper nutrition to grow and learn” ("Food Bank Of The Rockies", n.d.). They disburse food to organizations such as, Kids Café, After School Snacks for Tutoring, Tastes of Hope – children, Tastes of Hope-seniors, Denver’s Table Food Rescue Program, USDA food programs, The Emergency Food Assistance Program, and Commodity Supplemental Food Program. There service is greatly needed in the State of Colorado.

According to the report 'Hunger in America 2010 - Local Report prepared for Food Bank of the Rockies" by Mathematica Policy Research Inc. •42% of the...
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