Hsm Week 3 Dq 2

Topics: Woman, Drinking culture, Medicare Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: April 2, 2012
Please respond to the following in 150-300 words:

Review the scenarios in Appendix D. Imagine yourself as a human services worker in each of these scenarios. Which theoretical approach would most influence your reaction in each situation and why? Beyond theoretical approaches, what tactics would you use in the real world to improve these situations.

Scenario 1
You are a human service worker at a homeless shelter for women and their children. The goals of the shelter are to (1) provide food and shelter on a temporary basis to women and their children, and (2) assist mothers in finding permanent shelter, employment, and child care. You are assigned to work with a single, depressed mother with two young children.

Scenario 2
You are a social worker for a home care agency. One of your clients is an 85-year-old widower living alone, with his closest relative 1,200 miles away. Both his mental and physical health are deteriorating. The client receives a small monthly Social Security check, and has only Medicare Part A, which typically pays for inpatient hospital expenses. Because he often forgets to take his medication and has been found wandering throughout the neighborhood, he needs 24-hour supervision.

Scenario 3
You are an intake worker for a help line that receives calls from battered women. You receive a call from a woman who is eight months pregnant. The woman reports that after a drinking binge, her husband kicked her in the stomach because dinner was not prepared when he wanted it.
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