Hsm Revised Evaluation Plan

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Revised Evaluation Plan 2

An evaluation plan is going to help to direct the design of the program as well as make clear the purpose of conducting the activity or service. When developing an evaluation plan for a project that looks at the broad goals of the project, an evaluation plan format that provides a “big picture” outline is suggested. I believe the project wide evaluation plan will benefit this program to reach it’s goals. The Far West Elementary School has set goals that can be meet easily but having a little wiggle room with the project wide evaluation plan will leave room for change. I don’t believe that the program needs to be planned out to the last detail.

• Alternative certification programs

• Career ladder programs for paraprofessionals

• Bilingual Education/ESL (BE/ESL) certification for regular classroom teachers

• Special support for new teachers

• Improving the skills of higher education faculty

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