Hsm Personal Leadership Plan

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HSM Personal Leadership Plan


Human service workers provide a variety of services aimed at improving clients’ lives. Although obligations vary by job, all human service workers perform many of the same basic tasks. They evaluate a client’s needs, create a treatment plan, and put the plan into effect. This may include providing direct assistance or helping clients in coordinating services, or both. Jobs in human services are separated into two types: Those in which workers deal directly with clients and those in which workers provide administrative support for an organization that provides services to the client. Both types are needed for human service organizations to run effectively. Human service workers who deal directly with clients are responsible for providing the services that an organization offers. Counselors provide individual and group counseling to help clients with marital difficulties or other problems or in making decisions, such as about career options. Counselors may diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders. Some specialize in working with specific populations, such as children and families or veterans. I would like to focus in the area of children and families when I begin working as a counselor. With this type of job there comes a great sense of duty, obligation, and most important, moral responsibilities, not only to the clients that are served, but also to one’s self. As a counselor, I would have to abide by a professional code of ethics at all times in my profession. The ACA guidelines state that the relationship between a counselor and client is to encourage client growth and development while keeping the client's welfare in mind. This is accomplished through maintaining appropriate records, formulating counseling plans, obtaining informed consent and avoiding dual relationships with clients. Communication between a counselor and client is confidential. (There are exceptions to confidentiality)....
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