Hsm 270 Week 1 Planning and Evaluation

Topics: Project management, Management, Evaluation Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Program Planning and Evaluation
Nicole L. McGuire
January 30, 2011
Debra Smith

Program Planning and Evaluation
Program planning and evaluation are synonymous when creating human service programs. To achieve success one cannot exist without the other. Program planning is the development that helps to determine program goals and the availability of resources needed to achieve set goals. It answers who, what, and why questions related to what benefits and services the programs will provide. Can the organization respond to the societal needs? What will the organization provide and who will it benefit? Will the services make a difference? What are the availability of resources to support this organization in order for it to succeed? The planning stage sets priorities. It determines what is of the utmost importance, how much time and money will be spent, and sets expectations for the staff and program as a whole. The focus of the planning stage is how the organizations product will be developed and delivered. It is the key to an effective program and its outcome. The first step in program planning is conducting a needs assessment. This process addresses societal needs, helps to determine goals and priorities, and will reveal any unmet needs the program may want to address. The ability to identify available resources is the next step. Will there be enough support to address these needs and just how much will the organization have to work with to establish the program. Based on the unmet needs, defining objectives will help decide what the working parts (activities) of the organization will be, what is the projected outcome and who will it impact. The designing of the program sets goals, defines objectives and lays out methods of delivery. The evaluation of each of these steps throughout the entire process is crucial to assure a successful end result. Program evaluation is used for many reasons. In relation to human service programs, it is used to review...
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