Hsm 270 Grant Writing

Topics: Fundraising, Domestic violence, Grant Pages: 3 (1065 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Approach to Grant Writing
Melonie Watson
April 15, 2012
Janice Gilstorff

There are several approaches that you must take when writing a grant proposal some are more critical than others, but we can all agree that the first step to grant writing is approach. You must first gather as much information as possible about the program that you intend to get funding for and reasons how the grants money will help your program. You must know everything about the program that you are writing grants for in order to ensure you are applying for the grants that will be beneficial for your program. Once you have gathered all the information necessary about you organization you should then start looking up the different types of grants that are available to you and your group. There are many grants available but there are some grants that just focus on particular groups and this is what you must find out in order to ensure you are not applying for grants that you don’t qualify for. Looking into different organization that may offer grant writing classes is also another choice seminars is always a strong way to ensure you are going about the grant process correctly. Evaluate the funding sources that you would like to target as well the limited requirements of a grant that fits your needs and interests. Now you can start eliminating grants that you may not be eligible for or may not meet your needs and always before applying for a grant check the eligibility requirements so that you don’t apply for something that you may not qualify for. When you do find grants that you qualify for apply for all of them don’t limit your options in just applying to one or two. When you have decided to apply for a particular grant that you may qualify for you should read all the necessary information so that you do have an understanding of the grant you are applying for and the process that you should follow. Almost all grants require that you write out a letter and also a proposal...
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