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Week 4 CheckPoint
Christine Spencer
Week 4
Mary freeland

Week 4 CheckPoint
HOPE is a nonprofit organization that offers help to any individual who has lost their employment due to the recent economic downfall or to those that just want to increase their shills so they may have a better chance of receiving a higher paying employment position. HOPE is a great organization located in Portland, OR, which is one of the highest rated cities in the country for unemployment. Project Wide Evaluation is used when an agency is developing an evaluation plan for a project that looks at the broad goals of the project; here an evaluation plan format that provides a "big picture" outline is suggested. Identifying the "big" questions that the evaluation is to answer is the first step of the Project-Wide Evaluation Plan. One must then determine the sources that will be used to provide the information that will answer the questions. The next step is to address how the info will be collected or what will be used to collect the information. Whereas the Objective-Oriented Evaluation Plan, accomplishments or process evaluation and benefits to the recipients of service or outcome evaluation should be the two focus areas. With a typical Project-Wide Evaluation Plan, the form may ask the following questions: evaluation question, source of information, method, timeline, and responsible person; whereas the plan components for an Objective-Oriented Evaluation may ask:

1. Community need
2. Activity or service to be implemented
3. Desired result
4. Indicators (elements to be measured/collected)
5. Method of measurement
6. Type of instrument to be used
7. Minimum level of success the program hopes to achieve
8. The implementation steps
          A. Who is going to collect the data?
          B. When will the data be collected (dates/timeline)?           C. Who will be responsible for aggregating and analyzing the data?           D. How will the results be used,...
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