Hsm/240 Week 4 Sentence Outline

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Checkpoint: Sentence Outline

All organizations and agencies have got to consider all goals. All of the goals they have to consider are the following; short term, long term, manifest and even latent. All these goals help in developing its goals and objective statements. These are very essential in an organizations and agencies. To some, at first, the goals are not always clear and can seem kind of vague. All individuals take things differently. When an organization, agency, or even smaller programs is established the goals show the reason for it even being established in the first place. It shows what is hoped to be accomplished. A goal statement is always present. An example of a goal statement would be something on this level: To help all neglected and abused children in the State of Arkansas. This statement does not get into detail of what, who, how or even when, but you do get an idea and feel of the agency purpose and plans. A more completed goal statement would be more on the level of: This agency will provide long term help for children that has been neglected or abused by the parents or guardians; we will help to place them in a safer environment.

Objectives are considered to be specific, direct, detailed, targeted and descriptive. So with that being said; the objectives of this agency would have to be called out to determine the relevant task actually needed to help meet the goals of this particular agency. When objectives are stated it’s a clearer way to effectively evaluate everything. Objectives will help meet my goals of making a difference in needy children that have been abused and neglected. So therefore, my objectives will show things such as steps that follow when abuse is expected, where and how to decide to help the child and working with CPS to help get children needed extra attention. The end will also be focused on and clearly be stated on how I expect the outcome to look.

There are four steps when identifying goals and...
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