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  • Published : October 12, 2011
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Meeting Goals and Objectives in a Human Services Organization Jack Wifladt
University of Phoenix
HSM 240/Public Policy Development in Human Services
Stacy McLawleigh
July 06, 2010

Meeting Goals and Objectives in a Human Services Organization With any human services organization it is necessary to produce results that can be measured, due to the fact that many are funded in part or wholly by public funding. “In effect, to express goals and objectives as services rather than outcomes makes it impossible to evaluate a program against its outcomes, rendering such a program essentially nonaccountable. If a social program cannot produce results that meet human needs, the welfare system must direct funding elsewhere” (Chambers & Wedel, 2005, p.63). Goodwill Industries has a track record of producing results that are favorable in varying economies as well. They state their goal is to assist the disabled as well as the displaced to achieve success through various training programs and their thousands of retail stores nationwide. Is Goodwill Industries Meeting the goals it sets for itself? Goodwill Industries does meet and exceed goals that it has set for itself year in and year out for a century now. A nonprofit that does well in achieving goals and objectives in a given fiscal year yet does not necessarily produce results that lead to further financial assistance, then this is a nonprofit that will not remain open for very long most likely. Results produced by any nonprofit must be results that the grant writer for the project would be able to not only recognize, but highlight in their grant proposal. “A goal is an abstract and general statement of desired outcomes, and an objective is a concrete, operational statement about a desired observable outcome.” (Chambers & Wedel, 2005, p.65). There are many nonprofits and charitable ideas that are great ideas, but they do not last as the funding sources tend to dry up after goals are not being met....