Hsm/230 Personal Leadership Plan

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Personal Leadership Plan

Personal Leadership Plan
Throughout life one will encounter many experiences and there is a lesson in each experience. I have embraced the experiences, learned from them and will use them to show others that there is life after drug abuse and incarceration. I currently volunteer with an organization that provides a safe and sober living environment for women in recovery. My goal is to assist women transitioning back into society after incarceration. The United States has become the world leader in incarcerating its people with over 2.3 billion being locked up and then being released back into society without skills needed to become a productive member of society. While ethics are of great importance in any human service field, the need for an ethical leader is crucial in this area. There will be a number of challenges working with this population. The worker will have a commitment to providing the resources that will assist the women rebuild their lives but there is a moral obligation to the community as well. I am a firm believer that we all have to be held responsible for our actions and there are consequences to the choices one makes, however there has to become a time when it can be said that one has paid for his or her choices and be allowed to move forward. It is my belief that all people must be treated with respect and dignity. The stigma placed on those who have a conviction does not allow that and places many barriers in an ex-cons path of living a productive life. Working with those who have been incarcerated can present many challenges as they often group together and resist letting outsiders in. Often times this comes from past experiences of abuse and rejection. As a leader in this field I will gain their trust by following through on what I have said and open, honest communication. It will be my responsibility to set the tone for the whole organization. I will lead by example. It is important to...
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