Hsm 230 Final Building an Ethical Organization Part 1

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Assignment: Building an Ethical Organization Part 1
HSM 230

October 16, 2010
The organization that I have recently taken over the directorship of is named Prisoners Helper. This organization offers help and rehabilitation to the soon to be released prisoners, those who have been incarcerated for five or more years. The organization is a non-profit organization, we run off donations made and collected from the community. The individuals who are in the program sign a contract that after being out of the program for one year and holding a job for at least six months will make some sort of donation, something that is reasonable and that they can afford. We run thrift stores that are ran by individuals in the program and charity drives to collect funds to help the prisoners get rehabilitation before and after their release. Men and Women who have been incarcerated for several years need different training to be reintroduced into our society. Instead of just releasing them back into society with no training and waiting for them to become another statistic. We will offer them classes for relationships (i.e. marriage, live in partners, child, sibling, friend), parenting, financing, finding a job, and basic coping skills. After being away from the real world, the prisoners have many of their everyday things done for them as well as the whole life scheduled for them. Things that many individuals take for granted and dislike doing for themselves these individuals have not had the opportunity to do for them.

The world and everything in it changes daily so you can only imagine being incarcerated for 20 years and coming out into the world with all its new technology. There are things as simple as household appliances to things like stores. I think about the retail sores 20 years ago and they sold clothes and house hold items now they sell everything even fix your car while you are shopping. Having to learn everything all over again essentially would be very stressful for anyone.

There will also be classes to help the new members to society with all the new technology. For someone that has been in prison for five or more years the new technology that they will have to learn to use could be overwhelming to anyone. Cell phones, computers, televisions, cars everything that could have changed they will need help understanding. I am sure that one person could understand the overwhelming that one gets a new phone and trying to figure it out. Can you imagine not being around and technology like this for 15 years and coming out and having to learn about all the technology on your own.

We will also have stress training techniques for them to help them deal with the stress of everyday life that they have been away from while incarcerated. The stress coping techniques are essential for them to grasp so they do not give in to temptations. There will be many temptations that they will face it is how they deal with them as to how the outcome will be. There are many return offenders that return to the prison systems because they cannot deal with overwhelming stress and turn back to crime their comfort zone. If we can keep this from happening then the system will work. Mission Statement: To reach out, help, and support the individuals who have done their prison sentence and are ready to be released into the world. We are here to help adjust them into the basic way of life, cooking, cleaning, parenting, budgeting, obtaining an education and receiving employment. We will help them to recognize temptations and learn to steer away from them. For many individuals who have been incarcerated for 20 years of their life are lacking basic communication and coping skills we will help them learn these so they can recognize temptations themselves. We will not turn away any individual, regardless to race, color, religion or gender and we will not hold your crime or crimes...
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