Hsm/220 Week 8 Assignment

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  • Published : June 23, 2011
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Consultation between managers and subordinates impacts job satisfaction and productivity in many ways. Giving promotions to those who were with the company longer over those who actually worked really hard and deserve the promotion shows that the managers only care about longevity and loyalty it also sends a message to new and talented employees that the organization is not open to change and Ideas. Managers cannot always try to get on every subordinates good side because they may find it difficult to do their job effectively if they are more focused on being liked. The focus has to be on establishing good work standards. Honest ratings backed by specific examples of performance and rewards can get the agency on track towards optimum levels of productivity. The Manager and Subordinates can help the job satisfaction by communicating issues with each other such as sexual harassment and discrimination. As a manager there job is to make sure that each employee knows the policy and because Managers can be held accountable they need to make sure that they follow policy and procedure in order to intervene and deal with offensive personnel. Managers who meet with their subordinates yearly or quarterly gives the employees a chance to know and understand what their Managers expect from them, what they are doing right, what they can change and how they can change it this helps with the productivity and satisfaction of the employee because it makes them more equip and confident in doing their job which then creates better ratings for the company.
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