Hsm 220 Final

Topics: Vocational education, Dropout, Executive director Pages: 4 (971 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Proposal to offer basic skills and vocational training programs in the community.

Heather Craigen
HSM 220
January 20, 2013

Although everyone certainly has a different story to tell, there seems to be a sort of toughness that resonates from those who have dropped out of school. In order to capture the attention that by all accounts is hard to keep captivated, you must put together a statement of opportunity that sparks their curiosity and peaks their interest. The dropout rate is having considerable impact on the community and there must be an intervention to put a stop to the current rate of teens that dropout instead of staying in school to empower themselves and to enlighten a city of the potential that still exists there. For those that remain stagnant in the community, it is important to set up a program that qualifies them in basic skills along with vocational training which will help them in their quest for employment in the community. Putting together a program is challenging, but the end result will prove well worth the effort put forth into it. The environmental factors that must be evaluated are the funding that is available and projected to be available in the years to follow. The economics of the area must be a factor as well. With businesses moving elsewhere, there must be a feasible alternative to each of the necessary components. Area demographics, community needs, and obtainable labor should be reviewed. The finance that is available must be utilized and spoken for when it comes to budgeting. In reality, the first year will be the starter year and we are looking at what it would cost per eligible student at a rate of 1,000 students and then at a rate of 2,000 students the following year. Local laws and regulations, and professional expectations must be examined and incorporated into our philosophy. We want to offer an opportunity that the entire community will grasp while doing everything that we are supposed to do. New technology as...
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