Hsm/220 Developing a Performance Appraisal

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  • Published : July 3, 2012
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Developing a Performance Appraisal System
Lindsey Parham
Angela Flowers

Developing a Performance Appraisal System
As the director of human resources I would develop an appraisal system that will help my employees keep up the good work and succeed in their job performance. There are a few management functions of supervision which are accountability, consultation, and protection from discriminating practices, establishing the appraisal format, timing, and process, providing an avenue for appeals, and establishing a relationship between performance appraisal and salary increase or other rewards. My performance appraisal system will be some type of chart or something technological that can be read on the computer that can keep track of my staff performance. According to Seldan and Sowa (2011), “Performance management involves providing both formal and informal performance related information to employees. The center piece of performance management systems is typically the performance appraisal, a formal and systematic process for reviewing performance and providing oral and written feedback to staff about performance at least annually”. Having a system that can watch over staff’s performance can be an easy way to look at employees work performance and gives them feedback on how they are doing. It can also show management what he or she is doing and how they can help them if they need it. The purpose is to keep up with staff’s performance, show and tell them what they can do to improve if they need any improvement at all. This system can benefit the organization by making it a better successful organization. The employees will perform to the best of their ability to make the organization look good. Giving employees appraisal will more than likely make them feel good about their job, and this will also show management that their employees care. “An effective performance appraisal can play a big role in an organization effort to...
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