Hsc Pdhpe: Core 2, Skill Acquisition Assignment

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Netball Shooting
Shooting in netball is arguably the most important aspect of the game. Without it, the match wouldn’t reach an outcome and is essential to the functioning of the sport. However, to master such as skill like shooting, it requires plenty of practice. The acquisition of each skill is broken up into several stages each requiring different techniques in order to for the learner to the skill thoroughly. *it should be noted that this skill is performed outdoors. Certain elements of skill acquisition would be altered if the skill was played on an indoor court. Nature of the Skill

Not all skills can have one definitive classification; rather, they exist within a continuum. In other words, having elements of one category and other elements in the other. However, a skill can be generally classified as: - * Open or closed

The determinant when dealing with the open or closed nature of a skill is the stability of the environment where the skill is performed. When a skill is performed in an environment which is changing and unpredictable, it is said that it is an open skill. In comparison, a closed skill is when the surrounding environment is stable and predictable and at times, the variables can be control or dictated. As stated earlier, a skill can have a definitive classification. In this case, netball shooting (outdoors) could be classified closer to an open skill. This is mainly because players, especially shooters, would have to compete with weather conditions etc. For example, a goal shooter could deal with the sun blaring into their eyes, distracting their vision or the wind affecting the shot. * Fine or gross motor

Whether a skill is a fine or gross motor skill, it concerns the precision of the movement. A fine motor skill is where small muscle groups are used to perform a skill. Examples of fine motor skills are writing and throwing darts. On the other hand, gross motor skills are skills which require large muscle groups to produce movement. These are skills which generally require less precision as opposed to fine motor skills. Like before, the nature of each skill can be placed on a continuum. In this case, this skill requires large muscle groups in the legs and arms to produce movement. However, this skill also involves the subtle movements of hands and fingers. * Discrete, continuous or serial and;

If a skill is discrete, continuous or serial, it refers to its start and end point. A discrete motor skill is where a skill has a definitive start and end point. Skills which seem unbroken, repetitive and ongoing are considered as continuous motor skills. Serial motor skills is a set of discrete skills put together to form a skill. Serial motor skills has a specific order that each discrete skill must be performed in. In this case, shooting in netball is a discrete skill since it has a definitive start and end. The skill starts when the ball is caught and the learner has positioned themselves into the proper body position. * Externally paced or self paced

The timing of a skill is essential. An instance where an athlete can execute the movement at their desired speed is self paced. On the other hand, an externally paced skill is where the skill is initiated by the actions from an external source. Netball shooting is a self paced skill simply because they (learner) can determine when they release the ball. However, it should be kept in mind that the netball player has three seconds to release the ball. Stages of Skill Acquisition

When learning a new skill, it is generally said that there are three stages: - * Cognitive,
* Associative and;
* Autonomous
However, it should be recognised that learning is a continuous process where is no clearly defined stage. Even though learning is a dynamic process, changes in skill acquisition can generally be classified within the learning stages. Cognitive Learning Stage

Practice Methods
Practice methods are essential and by putting in place the...
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