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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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HSC Advanced English

TOPIC: Module A: Comparative study of text and context

Weighting: 15%

Modes being assessed: Reading (7.5%) and Writing (7.5%)

Advanced Outcomes addressed by the task:
1.A student explains and evaluates the effects of different contexts of responders and composers on texts 2. A student explains relationships among texts
2a. A student recognizes different ways in which particular texts are valued. 6. A students engages with the details of text in order to respond critically and personally 10. A student analyses and synthesizes information and ideas into sustained and logical argument for a range of purposes, audiences and contexts.

You will be assessed on how well you:
• Demonstrate understanding of the meanings of a pair of texts when considered together. • Demonstrate your knowledge of Pride and Prejudice and Letters to Alice and your understanding of the values, attitudes, beliefs and contexts of both texts • Compose a synthesized and sustained comparative essay, appropriate to purpose, audience and context.


Students are to write a formal essay, answering the following question:

“In pursuing the connections between Pride and Prejudice and Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen, we discover the value of creative invention.”

Compare how these texts give insights into the value of creative invention.

You may have one single-sided A4 page of handwritten notes which must also be handed in.

|Marking Criteria |Marks | | | | |Composes a highly sophisticated extended response, which perceptively answers the given question....
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