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At my last annual appraisal - this was attended by myself
and my line manager - I was able to look at and evaluate my
overall performance over the last year; also, the training I have undergone ; and whether I have met all of my training
targets that we set at my last appraisal.

I brought my up-to-date training file (where I have entered all details of my training and development and certificates
achieved) to the meeting, so she could see that all of my
targets were met.

We then discussed the parts of my role that had gone really well and the things that maybe could have gone better.

For example, I have had staffing issues within the team, as
one staff member has been on long-term sick and, as we
have had to use agency staff, this has at times placed
pressure on the other staff by their having to work with staff who are not permanent members of the team. This has at
times caused tension within the team.

I have discussed this with the team - both individually at their supervision and at team meetings - to make sure I have all
their opinions/feedback on record and that any extra duties
are delegated fairly between the team.

I also discussed about my course at college NVQ Level 4 in HSC , as this is a beneficial for me to do and I am keen to finish it and apply my acquired knowledge and skills at Manor House through this course.

We then discussed my having a mentor for this award, and one of my colleagues, who has already achieved it, is willing to be my mentor.

I am happy with this, as she is an experienced manager and, as well as helping me with the award, I am sure I can learn from her too.

We then discussed the supervisions of the team and I said I was up-to-date with these and with the training plan for the team. This is a requirement of the Minimum Care Standards
to ensure good practice within the...
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